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As families, teachers, and staff of John Hay Elementary, and as part of the greater Seattle Public Schools community, we are all heavily invested in decisions being made that will impact our lives and especially those of our students. This page will be used to educate, advocate, and assemble, so we can be sure our voice are heard. Please check the yellow box to the right to find information on upcoming community meetings or action items.


Boundaries (NEW INFO)

Budget NEW INFO)



As you may know, due to overcrowding in our schools, the district is re-opening Magnolia Elementary School in the fall of 2019. Currently they are looking to redraw boundaries in Magnolia and Queen Anne in order to address the growing population. We didn't think this would impact John Hay, but following new proposals introduced, John Hay and Queen Anne Elementary have been brought into play.

What does this mean? It's possible Queen Anne Elementary will change from an option school to a neighborhood school. If this happens, a large section of the houses currently zoned for Hay will be brought into the Queen Anne Elementary zone. There is no proposal as of yet as to who would be "grandfathered" in to their current school, but historically grandfathering does not occur. Not even for higher grades. 


The district has decided to postpone any decisions on the Boundaries issue for the time being. We'll let you know when the issue is back in play. 

The district asked that you submit your feedback to Please consider sending them an email to let them know your thoughts.     

Reading materials: 

Letter from Tami Beach to the John Hay Community (3-17-17)


Seattle Public Schools, along with schools across Washington State, is facing funding deficits due to Washington lawmakers failure to fully fund public education as part of the McCleary school funding lawsuit.

 - Lawmakers have failed to address the unconstitutional reliance on local property tax levies to pay for teacher and other school employee salaries o Previously lawmakers had temporarily increased the amount school districts could use from local levies to pay for teacher and other school employee salaries, but now the levy is again capped at 24%, which leaves a 4% funding gap the legislature has not stepped up to pay.
 - If legislators do not increase the levy cap or increase funding our school, and schools across state, are set to lose several key staff positions  

ALERT: Across the state, already-underfunded school districts are being told to prepare for a new round of budget cuts. Some have received letters or emails warning about the possibility of teacher layoffs or program closures.

Please see the Make Your Voices Heard! box above for upcoming meetings and contact information.

Unfortunately, plans for the cuts are going forward and schools are being asked to find a way to manage with significantly less. Attached here is the planning schedule put together by the administration of John Hay. At this point, they are making plans for the worst. This means we anticipate losing our Assistant Principal, School Counselor, and 1-2 teachers. It also means class sizes will increase. There is a possibility some education funding could come through at a later date, but we will not know until June or July. If some funding is restored, administration, with the input of staff and  the parents board, will decide the order by which we restore positions, etc. 

What can you do to help? Please contact your legislators and demand they fully fund our schools. Contact info is available in the side bar. 

UPDATE: The school superintendent sent our families a letter updating us about the budget situation. Some of the money has been restored, but it doesn't change our situation in terms of cuts. You can read the letter below. 
Learn more about the budget issues on the SPS webpage.  


Further Reading/Viewing

- Letter from Larry Nyland following the special board session (1/12/17) 

- Additional budget documents and resources can be found at:

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- Budget document for families. 

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 - Seattle Public Schools Board Budget Work Session presented by Linda Sebring, Budget Director detailing proposed cuts based on budget shortage of $71 million, presented on October 26, Pgs 7-23: s/Budget/2018%20Budget%20Development/Otober26-2016_Board_Work_Session.pdf 

 - An analysis from Seattle Schools Community Forum: 

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