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As families, teachers, and staff of John Hay Elementary, and as part of the greater Seattle Public Schools community, we are all heavily invested in decisions being made that will impact our lives and especially those of our students. This page will be used to educate, advocate, and assemble, so we can be sure our voice are heard. Please check the yellow box to the right to find information on upcoming community meetings or action items.





As you may know, due to overcrowding in our schools, the district is re-opening Magnolia Elementary School in the fall of 2019. Currently they are looking to redraw boundaries in Magnolia and Queen Anne in order to address the growing population. We didn't think this would impact John Hay, but following new proposals introduced, John Hay and Queen Anne Elementary have been brought into play.

What does this mean? It's possible Queen Anne Elementary will change from an option school to a neighborhood school. If this happens, a large section of the houses currently zoned for Hay will be brought into the Queen Anne Elementary zone. There is no proposal as of yet as to who would be "grandfathered" in to their current school, but historically grandfathering does not occur. Not even for higher grades.


The district has decided to postpone any decisions on the Boundaries issue for the time being. We'll let you know when the issue is back in play. 

The district asked that you submit your feedback to Please consider sending them an email to let them know your thoughts.     

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