The 2019 John Hay Science Fair was a HUGE success! Thank you to all the participating students and their families for supporting our young scientists!

Thank you to parent volunteers Jill Campbell and Kim Abreu for helping with set up.  Getting almost 100 scientists and their projects down to the lunchroom/gym is no easy task, and we couldn’t have done it without you.  

A BIG SHOUT OUT!  To the parents and community members who participated in our new Special Exhibits section designed to get kids interested in hands-on and real-world science experiences.  Thank you: Susan Lubetkin, Aida Hidalgo, Nguyen Duong Nhat, Kami Ahmad, Jen Thomas, Melissa Works, Justin from Play Well, and Ulises from Hack World.  

All participants received a participation ribbon and are winners!  We did have some special ribbons for projects at each grade level that most closely aligned with the provided judging rubric.  

2019 John Hay Science Fair Results



First Place: Amelia K.

Second Place: Filip M.

Third Place: Dexter W. & Hugo G.

Honorable Mention: Ella R., Kelvin H.


First Place: Leo L. & Jaap T.

Second Place: Brady O. & Zoe P.

Third Place: Kareem M.

Honorable Mention: Sebastian A., Vivian T., Svante K.


First Place: Ella H.

Second Place: Avery W.

Third Place: Olivia B.

Honorable Mention: Yoshiho H., Nicolas R., Philippa C.


First Place: Ridhima G.

Second Place: Claire K.

Third Place: Logan H.

Honorable Mention: Elias R., Petar M.


First Place: Rahewa O. & Isabelle L.

Second Place: Zachary N. & Jacob N.

Third Place: Liam G.

Honorable Mention: Oliver F.


First Place: Tyler C.

Second Place: Andrew K.

Third Place: Ixa B. & Jillian H.

Honorable Mention: Jakob F.,

Juliana A.

Thank you to our community, our colleagues, and our students!

Science Fair Committee

Katie Kaiser, Allison Shannon, Jamie Kirkness, Kathy Aminian, Kim Crosser,
Katie Brown, Jenny Greiss, and David Tookey

Special thank you to Jill Campbell, Amy Owens, Linda Abu-Chacra, and Katie Kaiser for the photos!

John Hay Partners