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Introducing The John Hay PTSA!

Do you want to be one of the founding members of our new PTSA at John Hay Elementary? This opportunity is only available now through November 19th, 2021!

Why a PTSA? The National PTA is one of the oldest and largest child advocacy organizations in the United States. PTSA will bring our community to the attention of the district and the state and give us a voice in education policy.

Our goals are to foster a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment that is focused on educational equity and serves and honors the voices of all its students, families, and staff. It will also actively engage and collaborate with families and staff to help realize the potential of every student and advocate for the resources and policies that best support the health and well-being of students.

The John Hay PTSA will thrive under the pillars of engagement, recruitment, training, and mentorship, while keeping a focus on fundraising to ensure equitable educational opportunity for all students, including those of diverse gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, background, socio-economic status and race. It will engage parents/guardians and school staff through diverse communication channels, build community through events, and encourage participation in creative, fun ways.

Click above to sign up andpay for charter membership.
Membership is $15 per charter membership.


President: Allyson Young (bottom middle) 
Vice President: Hanne Koppelman (top middle)
Secretary: Zac Cooper (bottom right)
Treasurer: Kevin Cooper (top right)
Communication Lead: Mary McKittrick  (top left)
Technology Lead: Rob Lisy (bottom left)

Family Engagement Lead: Dave Clemans (bottom middle)

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