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Galer Street Wall Mural is complete!
Our first big volunteer effort to kick off the playground renovation project was completed on July 17th by some hard working John Hay volunteers, a group coordinated with Seattle Works Day and was sponsored generously by Five Corners Hardware. We now have a fresh new face for our playground! So what's next...

Galer St Wall Mural

What’s next?

The graphics attached walk you through the project: where we started, what we have accomplished and what’s next.

What is Phase One and what will it cost?
See the plan attached for Phase One and all it’s related expenses. We have a targeted construction budget of $260,000 for Phase One.

Where does the money come from?
Grants, donors, sponsors and YOU, our John Hay Community. Stay tuned for more specific information for our plan for getting this project where it needs to be with funding. We are actively working hard to get the grants written but possible grant awards alone will not get us to our goal of $160,000 alone. We need YOUR help! Please consider making a donation through the donation button at the top in the right sidebar. Any amount - large or small - is always greatly appreciated!

Who is working on this project?
A small group of volunteers from our John Hay community. But we need more help! Projects like the mural only happen when a group of people come together and give their time and energy. There are so many tasks, large and small that could use your time. Give two hours at an event, do a little research online, make a few easy phone calls…there are so many ways to contribute.

This is OUR playground project! 
Together we can make it a beautiful and amazing place for our children to play and for our parents and neighbors to build a better community.

Volunteer • donate • get involved

No More Mud!

Stay connected:

Email Laura Malkasian Huggins, Project Playground project manager:
or Lynn Baker, JH volunteer coordinator

Concept plan for playground
Playground design 1

For more information on the project and upcoming meeting dates, email Laura Malkasian Huggins at
Please check out our photo gallery below. It contains images of our community brainstorming from all three meetings, as well as idea submissions from some of our students.

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