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Parent Education Nights

John Hay’s Educational Series called “ Parent Education Nights” are individual discussions focusing on topics that are important to our school and community. These sessions are held monthly throughout the year and are open to the public and all members of the Queen Anne community (seating is limited though). Our goals is to provide useful information on timely relevant topics that affect our children.

2015 - 2016 School Year

  • Positive Discipline
  • Singapore Math Education & Family Games Night
Positive Discipline
John Hay Elementary Parent Education Night Positive Parenting

A two-hour time investment in positive parenting skills.

Do you feel challenged by your child’s behavior as they move through different developmental stages and don’t know how to navigate in a positive, conflict-free manner?

Do you just want to give your family the gift of stronger parenting skills?

The John Hay Partners invite you to attend a Parent Education Night with Julietta Skoog, Positive Discipline Trainer for a two-hour interactive session.

Learn how to:
    • Be effective and have fun as a parent
    • Discipline with kindness and firmness
    • Help children become responsible problem solvers
    • Reduce power struggles
    • Build a home of co-operation and mutual respect
    • Better connect

What other parents say…
"The class was very helpful in reducing stress and frustration in parenting; the knowledge that it is never too late to change your approach...we are all adaptable.”

"Julietta has a great personality and energy. She doesn't make you feel judged and doesn't expect perfection.  She gives you a feeling of empowerment."

Singapore Math Education & Family Games Night

In the 2014-2015 school year, the John Hay Partners Board covered topics such as:

  • Common Core, Singapore Math & Advanced Learning 
  • Internet Safety & Bullying with Stephanie Thomas from the Seattle Police Department
  • Childhood Safety Night, Internet & Social Media Workshop
  • Parenting Through The Stages

We would love your feedback on topics that interest you, our community and things you would like to hear about. Please drop us an email sharing your thoughts and views.

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