Monster Mash Dance Party

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It was a John Hay Smash!
This was hands down the best Monster Mash in John Hay history. We had DJ Jesse back spinning the spooky tunes, glowing tchotchkes galore, and we debuted our fantastic Haunted House to the delight of every Jaguar in attendance.

An ENORMOUS thank you to Laura Story Johnson, DJ Jesse, and Shawn Johnson for their superhuman efforts to make this event a hit!

It took even MORE great folks to pull it all off! A HUGE thank you to: 


John Hay Partners Co-Chairs:       Samantha Bayne & Graham Hill
Jennifer Alexander-Hill
Angela Anderson
Rachel Berry
Aoife Brady
Ava Brent
Jill Campbell
Melynda Cheng
Lara Connell
Jenn DiBona
Aaron Edwards
Amy Egtvet
Janelle Fowler
Tracey Hawk
Claire Hawkins
Terry Hedger
Sharon Perkins
Courtney Popp
Naveed Jamali

Abbi Johnson
Olivia Johnson
Steve Klein
Tom LaMotte
Giuli Lewis
Laura Malkasian-Huggins
Libby Mansour
Alessandra Marseglia
Brian Matson
Claes Mogren
Justine Mogren
Marie Anne Mosqueda
Nara Neves
Christina Porter-Klein
Clara Restrepo
Lucas Ringer
Anjali Sanya
Sam Sikora
Leslee Stockton
Theresa Sutherland
Gagan Thind
Owen Thompson
Jenna Warburton


Angela Webster
Deanne Wheaton
Sharon Wilcox
Our volunteers from
  McClure Middle School
Our student helpers from John Hay
Ms. Beach & Mr. Berkenwald
Lynn Baker
Amani Gbale
Glen Tamura
Kathleen Brose
Erin Hayes
Kids Co at John Hay
Miranda Wilde
Ms. Hall
Ms. Robinson
Ms. Schooler
Queen Anne Farmers Market and Brittany Ryan
Brian Beaumont
David Rice


Check out the photos from last year's event!

Group picture of dance party
Ninja Kid
Volunteer picture
Group of kids
Costumed kids
John Hay Partners