Monster Mash Dance Party

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Endless THANK YOUS to all the families who volunteered at Monster Mash. Thank you to the teachers, staff, and student council who went above and beyond with drumming up excitement for our community event! We were so touched to see volunteers of all ages gleefully setting up our photo booth and spooky graveyard, patiently preparing the materials for our art buffet, and moving tables and oh so many boxes. The delicious home made baked treats that kept popping up at the school were so enticing! All the volunteers upbeat attitude throughout the evening and their delightful dancing at all our stations, helped us not only keep our tickets, sparkly trinkets and treats selling; their festive positivity was so infectious that they kept everyone at that dance bopping! We saw student volunteers cheering our younger ones through games, guiding them through the STEM tables, and tirelessly face painting sparkles and fun on beaming faces. We were so excited to have teachers and staff dance with us and step in so selflessly when we needed some pinch hitters! And of course an extra thank you to the families who stayed to help us clean up the gym, cafeteria, halls, and rooms and have everything ready for our teachers! Thank you to Mr. Glen for tirelessly answering our questions and for Mr. Amani for helping us all evening long! Finally, a heartfelt thank you to our whole community for coming out to celebrate together.

-Marie Ong, Aoife Brady, and Megan Jones 

Check out some photos from this year's great event! 

Special thanks to Jill Campbell and Tom Lavelle for the photos.

Check out the photos from past events!

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Group picture of dance party
Ninja Kid
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Group of kids
Costumed kids
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