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Frequently Asked Questions


When and where are the monthly Board Meetings
The Partners Board Meetings are held monthly on the third Wednesday of every month and all John Hay families are encouraged to attend. Our monthly meetings are held in the John Hay Elementary School Library from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (During COVID-19, they are being held virtually.) There are times that meetings will change due to holidays and events therefore we encourage you the check the calendar for the meeting dates at times.

What happens at the John Hay Board meetings?
John Hays elected Committee Leads & Officers along with the Principals and the School's teachers provide information around what is happening at John Hay Elementary School. Committee leads share insights on community events, programs, fundraising efforts, and discuss key issues that are effecting the schools community. It is quite common to have the board members vote on key issues during the meetings, as well as agenda items and topics. In addition, guests and Queen Anne community members share ideas and offer ways “we”, the John Hay Elementary School community, can better serve the needs of the elementary school children. These meeting are open to the community and we encourage you and other to attend.

Finally, in addition to the regular open meetings, there are times when the grant budget is discussed in depth and the board votes on proposed budgets. On these occasions, the meeting becomes closed. For details on our meetings and discussions please read the minute logs that we have posted for the last couple of years, then join us for a discussion!

Who comes to the John Hay Partners Board meetings?
The Partners elected members, which consists of the Board Officers: Co-Chairs, Secretary, and Treasurer, Committee Leads, Community Liaisons, and John Hay Elementary School Representatives. All are welcome at Board meetings, however, only the elected members and school representatives are allowed to vote on any issues brought before the partners board. Non-board members and community representatives are welcome and encouraged to bring up questions and ideas at any meeting. If you would like to introduce an item at a meeting, it is helpful if you contact the John Hay Board Presidents before the meeting so there is time allotted in the agenda.

Who should I talk to if I have questions about the meetings?
Please email your questions, ideas and agenda topics to our Board Co Chairs, They will be happy to answer your questions and help you connect with who you need to at John Hay Elementary School and Committee Leads.

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