Jaguar with John Hay hat

What a glorious day for a run! Our kids worked so hard and really showed their Jaguar Spirit. Congratulations to the winning classes who ran the most laps!! We know they really enjoyed those tasty Rice Krispie Treats.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, especially Michelle Rudell, Samantha Bayne, Gretchen Gray, Steve Klein, Colleen LaMotte, and all the teachers and staff at John Hay. We are so grateful for your dedication to our kids!!

And a huge THANK YOU to all the parents who came out to help:


Aoife Brady
Tiffany Miller Campbell
Jill Campbell
Candice Chevaillier
Younghee Cho
Angela Faul
Leyla Fiorito
Patcharin Hanninen
Claire Hawkins
Graham Hill


Laura Johnson
Olivia Johnson
Casey Locke
Suchita Mathur
Nikola Mullenberg
Shee Mong Ong
Amy Owens
Meg Pitts
Kelly Poole
Christina Porter

Jesse Proudman


Sarah Reker
Lucas Ringer
Susanne Rinner
Darcy Rochelle
Doug Rudell
De-Arnne Schmidt
Jenny Smith
Melanie Vogt
Cassandra Western
Sherry Williams

And another big thanks to our wonderful sponsors

Gold Sponsors: Mr. K, Joy Home Interiors, and Lynnwood Bowl and Skate

Bronze sponsors: Swink Style Bar, SVN/Whitecap, Trover, CBE Strategic, and Kjarakar.

Check out our photo gallery of the event! Go Jaguars!!

Photo credits: Jennifer Alexander-Hill and Jill Campbell

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