Supporting Children's Education through Fundraising

Why Do We Raise Money?

All the money raised from our fundraising efforts helps to close the gap that exists between district funding and the actual cost of a John Hay quality education. The caliber of the John Hay experience greatly depends on the resources available to the school. Your contributions will help ensure that there are adequate resources every year to enhance and sustain John Hay's distinctive margin of excellence.

How Do We Raise Money?

We know parents get tired of being bombarded with donation requests throughout the year. With that in mind, beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, we've reduced our fundraising asks down to TWO main events each year.

The first is the Annual Fund, which is a request for a contribution of approximately $250 per family. This will generally take place in the Fall and the goal is approximately $60,000. This is a great way to give as the campaign has no overhead...every dime you donated goes directly to programs for our kids. 

The second is the Annual Auction. Money is raised through ticket sales and bids on donated auction items. Our goal is approximately $200,000. 

There is a smaller amount of money that is also raised through Box Tops, and Give Back programs. You will occasionally see a class selling baked goods or car wash tickets to fund a special project, like the 5th grade camping trip. 

Where Does The Money Go?

All contributions to the John Hay Foundation directly support things like: extra teachers for student support and extension, reading specialists, tutors, classroom supplies, community events (Field Day, Science Fair, Monster Mash), continuing education for teachers, safety, library books, art supplies, tech equipment, special education, P.E. equipment, planning for the new playground, and so much more! 

ACADEMIC SUPPORT: Extra teachers for student support and extension, reading specialists, and tutors.                                               

SCHOOL SUPPORT:    Classroom supplies, field day, continuing ed for teachers, Science Fair, and Safety.                                        
SPECIALISTS:                Library books, art supplies, tech equipment, Special Education, and P.E. equipment.                                    
ADMINISTRATION:      Website maintenance, accounting, and communications.
PLAYGROUND:             Planning for new playground and grant matching.

How Do I Contribute? 

We need your help! Can you make a donation to the Annual Fund? Can you buy Auction tickets or bid on items, and encourage your friends and family to do so as well? You can also participate in our Give Back programs when you shop at participating retailers. Or turn in your Box Tops...every bit helps! You can also purchase Spirit Wear or Dine Out for John Hay! And don't forget to have your company match your can make an enormous difference!

Perhaps you can't contribute too much financially, but you can donate your time to help us with the efforts? Read our weekly Jaguar Tracks newsletter for updates throughout the year or better yet, stay in the loop daily with our Facebook page at

Did you know you can make a direct donation to our schools foundation anytime and your donation is 100% tax-deductible, plus may be eligible for company matching. For questions please contact us directly at

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