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Donations at Work

Where your Fundraising Dollars Go

Every year the PTO provides money to cover the costs of maintaining positions in the school that wouldn't be fully funded or exist at all with just the school district budget. This year, our goal is to raise $250,000. 

Positions Funded by the PTO

Reading & Early Literacy Specialists

(Certified Teachers specifically for reading) follow 1 of 2:

· Small Pullout Groups for Intervention (helping students falling behind) and Extension (advanced learning for students)

· Reduced Class Size for Literacy (ex: 1st grade splits the class in 2, so 10-12 students in each group, for one hour every day for their literacy work

Math Specialist

(Certified Teacher specifically for math) use one of the following models:

·  Unit by Unit leveling or needs based

·  Reduced Class Size with Mixed abilities

·  Leveled Math Groups (ex: 6th grade math)

·  “Double Dose” and/or Extension: small groups pulled out for intense support on either end of the academic spectrum


Student Success Coach 

(Certified Instructional Assistant)

·  Focused on developing behavior that will lead to success in the classroom, this ranges from helping students who are disruptive or students who are too shy to participate


Additionally Funded by the PTO


Additional Funding for Every Classroom

·  $200 set aside for each teacher for discretionary spending within the classroom

·  The supply fee is what the school collects at the beginning of the year.  Every classroom receives $300 from the pooled supply fees.

·  Total of $500 discretionary spending must be curriculum related, ex: more books, supplies for classroom projects-guarantees that all children will have supplies



·  The board provides stipends to the following programs to cover supply and equipment cost: Art, Library, Tech, SpEd, Office, PE, Music, Technology (digital applications used during remote learning), and Patrol & Safety


Community Events

·  In a traditional year, the PTO sponsors community activities and events including: school dances, festival of the arts, science fair, all-school field day, parent education nights and student council. Due to remote learning (and budget cuts) there are no events planned for the 2020-2021 school year.


McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance

  • This is a state funding homeless assistance program, but the PTO assists with the needed coordination of services and provides $500 in the budget to serve children with items like meals, clothing, transportation, and other needs.

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