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Donate an Item to the John Hay Auction

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Donating items to our annual auction is an excellent way to support our John Hay Elementary school's fundraising efforts. Do you have season tickets to the Seahawks or a beach house in Kona? Do you want to host a pig roast or kids craft party? Do you have a passion for quilting or Flocking? Can you bake a mean chocolate layer cake? See the side bar for some of our current donation needs, but all ideas are welcome and encouraged!

Every gift certificate, product, or service we receive generates much needed income. The money we raise is used to provide reduced class size instruction for all students, hire math and reading tutors, offer an enriched arts and technology curriculum, and purchase much needed supplies such as library materials, musical instruments, and more.

John Hay Partners is a 503 non-profit. Our tax ID number is 91-1699359.

Submitting An Item is Easy!

To submit an item donation, please print and fill out the 2019 Paper Donation Form. You will be asked to provide your contact information and donation details. Digital photos of your donation are welcome and can be emailed to


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