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John Hay Partners

The John Hay Partners is our school's governance organization. It combines our PTA, administrative site council, and John Hay Foundation (the non-profit organization that manages the funds we raise). Members of the board include our principal, assistant principal, select staff members, elected parents, volunteer coordinators, and community representatives. General members include YOU!

Partners helps design Hay's academic "Continuous School Improvement Plan (C-SIP)." The C-SIP is a type of business plan required by the district. Plans are created by the school's "Building Leadership Team" (principal and other school staff) and outline our school strategies for meeting district and state goals. At John Hay, the Partners Board works closely with the Building Leadership Team to provide input in the planning stages. This allows the greater community to have a say.

Partners raises funds for programs that support the Continuous School Improvement Plan. These supplemental programs are offered as a permanent part of the curriculum. This is a bold and unusual position, because it commits us to raising about $300,000 a year to cover standing expenses. Fortunately, our community has always expected more and has shown its support through generous volunteer efforts and financial contributions. Thanks to them (and YOU!), John Hay students continue to shine!

Partners manages our school's volunteer efforts. There are many active volunteer committees at John Hay. Each reports up through one of six Partners Board Committees. Board Committees create and modify subcommittees, establish a reporting process, and otherwise help to ensure that all volunteer efforts are effective and in alignment with our school's Transformation Plan.

Partners needs YOU! As a parent, you are a critical member of the John Hay Partners. Your involvement at John Hay WILL make a difference, whether it's in volunteering or money contributed. Even small donations add up, when there are many of us pitching in.

The Partners Board typically meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 5 pm-7 pm in the John Hay library. Parents and staff are welcome. We hope you will join us sometime.

John Hay Partners