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Board Officers

Co-Chairs: Graham Hill and Brian Matson


  •  Facilitate and preside at all Board meetings
  • Meet bi-monthly with school Principal and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Attend monthly budget meetings
  • Act as liaison to Seattle PTSA
  • Drive accountability for Committee Lead responsibilities
  • Report to Communications Lead with key monthly newsletter items


Treasurer: Joseph Tighe


  • Responsible for reconciliation of John Hay Foundation Budget
  • Facilitate budget meetings with Principal, Co-Chair and Fundraising Lead- Budget Committee
  • Prepare budget reports for Board review
  • Prepare annual Foundation budget for the following academic year
  • Prepare annual Foundation tax return- Oct. 15

Secretary:  Jody Gibney


  • Responsible for documenting, distributing & archiving monthly Board meeting minutes
  • Responsible (as required) for official Board documents (e.g. bylaws)

Committee Leads
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