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Board Officers


Hanna E. Koppelman and Allyson Clemans-Young


  • Co-Chair persons shall preside at all meetings of the Board and be in general charge of the business of John Hay Partners PTO.

  • Inspire the Board to come together as a team to implement decision making, policies, and programs that best serve the community of John Hay Elementary.

  • Work collaboratively with the Board and Staff of John Hay Elementary to create agendas for monthly meetings.

  • Coordinate with the Treasurer on monthly budget reports and updates.

  • Support the Board's business operations (contracts, reimbursements, license renewals, etc.).

  • Prepare an annual PTO calendar for each school year in coordination with John Hay Administration.

  • Work collaboratively with the Communications Lead and John Hay Administration creating content for the PTO website, Jaguar Tracks, and social media accounts.

  • Be knowledgeable of the PTO bylaws, support the team to follow best practices, and review and implement needed additions.


Zac Cooper


  • Documenting, distributing, archiving, and posting monthly Board meeting minutes.
  • Responsible for official Board documents (e.g. bylaws)


 Kevin Cooper


  • Responsible for reconciliation of John Hay Foundation Budget
  • Prepare monthly budget reports for Board review
  • Prepare annual Foundation budget for the following academic year
  • Assist in preparing documents for the Accountant ahead of our annual Foundation tax return- Oct. 15
Committee Leads
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