By: John Hay Partners | November 07, 2016

Photo of Gretchen Gray
Gretchen Gray

Meet Gretchen Gray, our wonderful new Physical Education teacher. Gretchen agreed to answer a few fun questions for our very first Teacher Feature so we could get to know her a bit better. 


Where did you grow up? 

Good old Ballard, WA.   

Why did you choose to become a teacher?         

I became a teacher because I always knew I wanted to work children, ever since I was fourteen when I started babysitting all of Ballard. Then, when I was eighteen my cousin, who is a PE teacher, asked right before my college playoff softball game, “Ever wanted to be a P.E. teacher like me?” Honestly, it never crossed my mind until that point. Then the next summer I ended up getting a job at the Ballard...

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