By: jennifersalexander | December 09, 2017

Bin of water balloons in various pastel colors.

We had excellent weather for our 2nd Annual Water Balloon Toss today on the John Hay playground. Ms. Anderson and Ms. Beaury's Kindergarten class and Ms. Hansen's 3rd grade class both achieved 100% on their envelope returns during this year's Annual Fund and therefore had the opportunity to throw water balloons at Assistant Principal Berkenwald. Many other classes came out to cheer them on and Mr. B got SOAKED! Everyone had a blast! Mr. B even stuck around to finish off the remaining balloons in a distance toss.

Thank you to all our Jaguar families for working together to make your Annual Fund such a huge success! You make John Hay an extraordinary place to learn and play. 

Thank you to Samantha Bayne for planning and executing today's ...

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By: John Hay Partners | November 14, 2017

Hello, Hay Families!

Our annual fund is happening now!
We are so grateful to our community for the volunteer hours and the financial support of our school! Funds from the families is used carefully and intentionally so that we are confident your dollars positively impact your children.

We use this grant in the following ways:

  • Each teacher receives funds they can use for supplies. This teacher fund helps offset what teachers spend on classroom supplies. (Teachers spend $100-$500+ out of their own pockets each year!)
  • Reading Specialist time to help students who need a “double dose” of reading instruction.
  • Math Specialist to meet the needs of students needing intervention as well as students needing acceleration. This certificated teacher also hel...

By: John Hay Partners | December 03, 2016

Has there ever been a better sport than Assistant Principal Michael Berkenwald? A few weeks ago, FOUR Hay classrooms achieved 100% participation in the Annual Fund drive. As a reward, today these kids got to throw water balloons at Mr. the freezing December rain. In the end, who was more soaked: the kids or Mr. B? There were no real winners, but there was a ton of fun. Check it out!

Mr. B getting the balloons ready.
Mr. B getting the balloons ready.

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