By: John Hay Partners | May 14, 2016

Please welcome:
Co-Chairs: Colleen LaMotte and Zeina Abouammo
Treasurer: Joe Tighe
Secretary: Samantha Bayne

Curriculum Enrichment: Dina Ringer
Outreach: De-Arnne Schmidt
Communications: Dell Monson
Family Engagement: Libby Mansour
Policy: Karen Halazon
Fundraising: Your John Hay Community Needs You!
Art and Culture: Jenna Warburton

Community Reps:
Lee Scovern
Olivia Northcott Johnson
Miranda Wilde

Allison Shannon
Rachel Nelson
Janet Schooler

May Partner Board Meeting
Join us for the May John Hay Board meeting on May 19th at 5:30 pm in the John Hay Library.


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