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By: John Hay Partners | December 15, 2016

Photo of Misa Nakamura

Meet Misa Nakamura, John Hay's fabulous Special Education teacher and Resource Room lead. Did you know our school has one of the most renowned Special Ed programs in the district? The teachers are the reason behind it, so we're so delighted Misa was willing to answer our questions.


Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in a land where palm trees sway…Honolulu, Hawaii.  My family still lives there so my kids also consider it a home away from home. 

Why did you choose to become a teacher? 

I originally wanted to be a General Education teacher but when I started my internships I realized that the students I felt most connected to all left the room to receive Special Education services with someone else!  I longed to go with them so I changed my major that very week to Special Education and have never once regretted it.  
What's the best thing about working at John Hay? 

I’ve been at John Hay for 13 years and every year the list gets longer and longer!  The #1 BEST thing about John Hay has always been my students.  They lift my spirit and fill my heart with song.   I couldn’t imagine a world without them.
What's your favorite sport, food, and movie?  

I fell in love with the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team when I lived there many years ago.  Go The All Blacks!  I am a very adventurous eater and one of my favorite things to do is travel and try new foods.  If I had to narrow down a favorite I’d have to say it was my Grandmother’s apple pie.  My favorite movies include The Lord of the Rings (all 3), The Sound of Music, and Singing in the Rain.
What is your favorite children's book?  

There are too many to count but one of my favorites is The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein.  It always reminds me to slow down and enjoy life’s little adventures before they pass me by.
If you could speak to yourself at age 9, what piece of advice would you give? 

“Misa, start saving your pennies now and then spend it all on travel as soon as you can. Don’t wait!” 

Thanks so much, Misa!!!


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