By: John Hay Partners | September 28, 2017

Picture of Emily Rosen

Meet Emily Rosen, John Hay Elementary's amazing new School Counselor. We are so delighted she joined the Jaguar team this year. Ms. Rosen is available Monday through Thursday, so be sure to stop in and welcome her. Thank you for being part of our Teacher Feature, Ms. Rosen!

Where did you grow up?

Berkeley, CA

Why did you choose to become a teacher/work with children?
I have always loved working with children. I love engaging their imaginations, supporting their needs, and laughing together. When I was in graduate skill, I had an internship in an elementary school and I loved it! I find that spending my days in the school supporting students is exciting, rewarding, and fun, and I am so happy to be starting my career as a School Counselor!

What's the best thing about working at John Hay?
When I came in for my interview, I immediately knew I wanted to work here. The warmth and kindness radiates in the building every day. I am thrilled to be working with such a strong, committed, and supportive group of staff and community members.

What's your favorite sport, food, and movie?
Sport: As a Bay Area native, I am a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors. And, as a UW graduate, Go Huskies!!
Food: That’s a tough one! I love trying new foods, but some of my all-time favorites are tacos, chocolate chip cookies, and mac & cheese.

Movie: My favorite varies, but currently Inside Out is at the top of my list!

What is your favorite children's book?
The Rainbow Fish and Goodnight Moon. I recently read Wonder, so that’s another one recently added to my list.

If you could speak to yourself at age 9, what piece of advice would you give?
You are smart, funny, and kind. You will do amazing things in your life. Dream big. Have fun. Laugh a lot. Be you!

Thank you so much, Ms. Rosen! We are lucky to have you as one of our newest Jaguars.

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