By: John Hay Partners | May 14, 2019

There was so much to celebrate at this year's John Hay Day Carnival! Our wonderful staff, our fabulous community of families, our dedicated volunteers, and the beautiful weather. Thank you all for coming out in the sun for an afternoon of fun! A big thank you to all our volunteers who manned games, whipped up cotton candy, donated baked goods, and countless other're the BEST!! Special thanks to Laura Malkasian Huggins, Amy Owens, Kara Schultz, Jody Gibney, Marie Ong, Graham Hill, Samantha Bayne, and Nancy and Henry Chou for their extraordinary contributions to making the Carnival a success.

If you were at the Carnival, you know we were also celebrating something BIG:
the long awaited, official opening of our gorgeous new PLAYGROUND!

Project Playground, as this effort came to be known, was YEARS in the making and an enormous undertaking. A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated funds, drew up ideas, voted on designs, attended meetings, bought pavers, shoveled gravel, bolted together the structure itself, and countless other contributions large and small! It was a true pleasure seeing our whole community come together for this cause.

We'd especially like to thank the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Dr. John C. and Margaret Alexander, and Jesse and Rebecca Proudman for their very generous support. And to Site Workshop Landscape Architects (Vinita Sidhu and Lily Pan) and PlayCreation for their great work designing and creating the playground itself. We'd also like to thank Seattle Public Schools, specifically Gretchen DeDecker, for all the invaluable guidance.

Laura Malkasian Huggins as the ribbon was cut by her daughter, Logan.

Last, but nowhere near least, none of this would have happened without the brilliant leadership, passion, and supernatural hard work of Hay parent extraordinaire, Laura Malkasian Huggins. She took hold of this project and made it her life for the past two years, putting in thousands of hours, and coordinating every last detail to make sure our kids got the fantastic new playground they had dreamed about. And it is really a dream come true!

from all of us
in your community!! 

For pictures of the big day, see the gallery below.

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