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By: John Hay Partners | April 03, 2018

Meet Hannah Hansen, one of John Hay Elementary's sensational 3rd grade teachers. You may have seen her at one of our school events, dressed as an avocado and surrounded by an adoring gaggle of kiddos. She definitely has a BIG fan base at John Hay! Now's your chance to get to know her a bit better. Thank you for being part of our Teacher Feature, Ms. Hansen!

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Watertown, South Dakota aka "South Dakota's Rising Star." However, I also spent a lot of time with my grandparents in Alexandria, Minnesota. 

Why did you choose to become a teacher?
For two reasons: The first being that I love people--the good, the bad, and the ugly. My Second reason is being a teacher runs in my blood. My Grandpa...

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By: John Hay Partners | March 14, 2018

John Hay Families,

We participated in the “Walkout” today and it was truly a meaningful, beautiful event. The March 14th Walkout was organized as a nationwide protest against gun violence in schools. As a parent and an educator, I felt very strongly that we should participate as a school, but I was not sure how to do so in a meaningful way that our students could benefit from. I asked a parent, Laura Story-Johnson, to help brainstorm ideas with me and she came up with what I thought was the perfect idea.

Each student and adult was given a paper heart and the prompt, “What I want for every student in the United States.” Teachers then decided how to facilitate the discussion in class so that the students could thoughtfully draw or write their o...

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By: John Hay Partners | March 08, 2018

Families of John Hay,

The tragic loss of lives in the latest school shooting has, once again, shown how much work still needs to be done to keep our schools safe. John Hay staff and families are committed to doing all we can to prevent additional tragedies in our schools.

The school board approved a resolution calling for lawmakers to increase student safety. There are events around the country that allow a show of support for safe schools and reasonable gun laws. One of these events is scheduled for March 14th. National organizers are calling for 17 minutes of action to commemorate the 17 lives lost in Parkland, Florida.

Our school has chosen to install a school-wide art project on our playground fence that will be a reminder of the importanc...

By: John Hay Partners | February 26, 2018

Dear Seattle Schools Families and Community,

As Dr. Nyland shared last week, we continue to share in the grief following the Florida school shooting. We are also inspired by the advocacy of the students and support their efforts to ensure that this type of incident never happens again in a school.

Safety is our top priority. This includes ensuring that our buildings are made as safe as possible, as well as training our staff. Every year we conduct Safety and Security Audits for each of our schools. These reports help us prioritize the safety needs of each school. For years, our Building Excellence (BEX) and Building, Technology, and Academics/Athletics (BTA) Levies have focused on improving school safety, as well as enhancing the instructiona...

By: John Hay Partners | February 09, 2018

On Thursday evening, John Hay hosted its first annual Multi-Cultural night.  This was a beautiful community event with tremendous family participation.  We estimate there were more than 150 participants.  

The event had tables set up from 22 cultures from around the world, reflecting the rich and unique culture and heritage of our school’s diverse population.  Many of the tables were made up of multiple families joining together to create an overall experience for John Hay to enjoy.  There were arts, crafts, information displays, music, performances from outside groups, and delicious food for all to try.  

The lunchroom and gym were filled with laughter, food, presentations, activities and lots of peopl...

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