By: John Hay Partners | November 03, 2017

As you are hopefully aware, your ballots for the local elections, including County, City-wide and School

Board candidates are due next Tuesday, November 7th. Hopefully, if nothing else, history (both recent
and past) has emphasized the value and importance of casting your vote.

This election is important at the schools’ level for many reasons. This upcoming year there are a
number of significant agenda items the School Board (with three seats up for grab in this election) will
have to approve:

New Superintendent

The search and appointment of a new Superintendent for Seattle, will happen under the work
and watch of the new Board. Current Supt. Larry Nyland, who was originally brought in as a
“temporary” Superintendent four years ago when then Supt. J...

By: John Hay Partners | January 07, 2016

John Hay community please take a moment and read this important piece of information received from the School District as it relates to bell times for the 2016-2017 school year. Below you will find a link to a survey where are they are asking for feedback around interest of switching with another school to different bell times.  If you are interested in sharing your opinions/views, please take a moment to complete this survey.

"Good morning:

With the adoption of new bell times for the 2016-17 school year, the District’s intent is to maximize the number of schools in the first two bell time tiers and reflect the Board’s priorities, including a cost neutral option.  The Superintendent has been authorized to make bell time adjustments durin...

By: John Hay Partners | January 05, 2016

Dear John Hay Families--

Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out this survey on your interim principal, Tami Beach. The following questions will provide input on how Ms. Beach is serving the Hay community. Your input will be included in the superintendent's decision on whether or not to convert Ms. Beach to permanent principal status.  Translated and hard copies of this survey will be available in the main office at  John Hay.  If you have specific concerns not addressed in this survey please email me directly at or call my office at (206) 252 - 0150. Please complete either the paper version or the electronic version but not both. Please complete this by Wednesday, January 13, 2016.

A final decision...

By: John Hay Partners | December 28, 2015

2016-17 Kindergarten Admissions and Open Enrollment

Kindergarten Admissions Nights will be held in each of the district’s five regions beginning in January. Please read the flyer (K Enrollment flyer.pdf)

Open Enrollment is Feb. 17 – March 1. New kindergarten families will have the best chance of being assigned to a school outside their attendance area if Choice forms are turned during this window. May 31 is the final deadline for current students to request a different school.

2016-17 Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment for 2016 begins Feb. 17 through March 1
, the initial period for students to apply to any school and to receive the applicable priority tiebreaker(s). Choice forms received after this date through May 31 will show as “late” and will ...

By: John Hay Partners | December 22, 2015

Important Information from Advanced Learning Office

If my child’s teacher has received a list of students who need a Teacher Rating form, and my child’s name is missing from the list, should I be concerned? No. Teachers are receiving lists of students who have already been scheduled, but additional names are forwarded as new students are added to the testing schedule. If you have not received a testing date by Wednesday, Jan. 6, please contact us at Please include your child’s name and student ID number in the email.

What should I do if I referred my child by the Oct. 8 deadline but he or she hasn't yet been scheduled for testing? No need for concern – not yet. We are continuing to schedule students for testing da...

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