By: John Hay Partners | June 07, 2016

The John Hay Partners is conducting a survey to gauge how your child(ren) are enjoying the before and after school activities. This survey has seven questions and should only take a few minutes to complete. For families who did not participate in before and/or after-school activities this year, Question #6 asks if there is a class you'd like to see next Fall. 

Please note: Bell times for Fall 2016 are as follow: Start time at 9:35 AM and end time at 3:45 PM. 
Before school activities normally start an hour before start time and after school activities usually end an hour to an hour and 15 minutes after end time.

Please contact Dina Ringer with any specific questions or concerns. 

We value your input and appreciate you taking this survey.
Thank ...

By: John Hay Partners | May 14, 2016

Please welcome:
Co-Chairs: Colleen LaMotte and Zeina Abouammo
Treasurer: Joe Tighe
Secretary: Samantha Bayne

Curriculum Enrichment: Dina Ringer
Outreach: De-Arnne Schmidt
Communications: Dell Monson
Family Engagement: Libby Mansour
Policy: Karen Halazon
Fundraising: Your John Hay Community Needs You!
Art and Culture: Jenna Warburton

Community Reps:
Lee Scovern
Olivia Northcott Johnson
Miranda Wilde

Allison Shannon
Rachel Nelson
Janet Schooler

May Partner Board Meeting
Join us for the May John Hay Board meeting on May 19th at 5:30 pm in the John Hay Library.

By: John Hay Partners | May 12, 2016

John Hay Partners' Board Elections Are Underway!

Ballots will be sent home.  Please remember to vote.  Thank you!

May Partner Board Meeting

Join us for the May John Hay Board meeting on , at , in the John Hay Library.

By: John Hay Partners | January 15, 2016

Join Us For The Partners Meeting

Happy New Year!  Please join us for the next John Hay Partner Board on January 21st , from  in the John Hay Library.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Minutes from past meetings can be found here.

By: John Hay Partners | December 16, 2015

Join Us For The Partners Meeting

Next Thursday, 12/17, at 5:30 PM, right before the Winter Concert, Sarah Pritchett will join us from the district to explain the principal confirmation process. We will also welcome our newest board member, Jennifer Alexander, who is representing our Special Education families.  Past Minutes can be found here.

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