By: John Hay Partners | February 26, 2018

Dear Seattle Schools Families and Community,

As Dr. Nyland shared last week, we continue to share in the grief following the Florida school shooting. We are also inspired by the advocacy of the students and support their efforts to ensure that this type of incident never happens again in a school.

Safety is our top priority. This includes ensuring that our buildings are made as safe as possible, as well as training our staff. Every year we conduct Safety and Security Audits for each of our schools. These reports help us prioritize the safety needs of each school. For years, our Building Excellence (BEX) and Building, Technology, and Academics/Athletics (BTA) Levies have focused on improving school safety, as well as enhancing the instructiona...

By: John Hay Partners | November 14, 2017

Hello, Hay Families!

Our annual fund is happening now!
We are so grateful to our community for the volunteer hours and the financial support of our school! Funds from the families is used carefully and intentionally so that we are confident your dollars positively impact your children.

We use this grant in the following ways:

  • Each teacher receives funds they can use for supplies. This teacher fund helps offset what teachers spend on classroom supplies. (Teachers spend $100-$500+ out of their own pockets each year!)
  • Reading Specialist time to help students who need a “double dose” of reading instruction.
  • Math Specialist to meet the needs of students needing intervention as well as students needing acceleration. This certificated teacher also hel...

By: John Hay Partners | January 31, 2017

From the Principals Desk banner

Dear John Hay Community,

At this moment in history, the country is politically and ideologically divided. Regardless of personal politics, there is conflictual, sometimes hateful rhetoric being spoken everywhere we turn.  How are schools and families supposed to address this complicated reality with kids?

Whatever our personal views and convictions are, I believe it is imperative that we use current events as opportunities to teach how our world works, how politics work and how they can shape their own opinions and learn how to respectfully disagree and, when necessary, how to stand up to what they feel that something is wrong. 

I encourage each one of us to help students find their voices, express their feelings, learn more about wh...

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By: John Hay Partners | November 09, 2016

From the principal's desk

Dear John Hay Community,

Many of you stayed up late last night in order to learn about the results of the presidential election. And, I want to recognize that many of you are feeling the impact of those results. Whoever you voted for, this election has been a difficult one for many.  During this election season many of you have heard or seen many hurtful and hateful things in the news. 

I want each and every one of you to know that here at John Hay we are more committed than ever to maintaining a positive school community that will allow you to learn as much as possible in order to achieve your goals in a safe, democratic environment. 

As in all elections, this is a rich opportunity to learn about Democracy and how our country elects governmen...

By: John Hay Partners | November 01, 2016

Message from the principal's office

John Hay families,

This has been a great week that ended with a fabulous Jaguar Jog! Thank you to these wonderful ladies, Ms. Gray, Ms. Warburton, Ms. Rudell and Ms. Anglin.  for putting this day together for us!

Teachers who helped with Jaguar Jog  

Also we are so grateful for the parents who put together everything to get t-shirts for each student and teacher at the school!  Thank you to: Liz McQuisten, Amy Tonkin. Colleen LaMotte,
and Sarah Holt.  You ROCK! The 5th Grade classes each did an amazing Flash Mob dance in the Jaguar Jog Kick-Off Assembly! It was awesome!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conference times are available on Saturday, November 19th, Monday, the 21st and Tuesday the 22nd.

If you are unable to attend a conference during these times, your child’s teacher will se...

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