By: John Hay Partners | May 01, 2020

John Hay Community,

I will be leaving the principal position at Hay and have accepted the position to lead Orca K-8 beginning July 1st. While I will miss John Hay, I am both excited and honored to take on this new challenge.

  For the past five years, I have had the absolute pleasure of leading John Hay Elementary school and helping to deliver innovative and dynamic education to the students lucky enough to call John Hay their school! As I have reflected on my time at Hay, I am proud of the focus and commitment to delivering a world class education for every student in our care. We have grown as a community and as a school staff. I believe you can feel the school P.R.I.D.E. as you walk the halls and I know the students have benefited fro...

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By: John Hay Partners | January 10, 2020

Greetings John Hay Families,

I feel honored to be able to join the John Hay community as your new Assistant
Principal. I have been so grateful for the kindness, dedication, and openness of the staff
and students. As well as their support and patience in answering my 1,000 questions
during this mid-year transition.

My husband and I moved to Seattle 13 years ago. We had been living in Maryland
where I became a National Board-Certified Teacher and taught for 8 years. We wanted
to live somewhere beautiful, vibrant, and diverse and certainly found it in Seattle. I’ve
been teaching biology and general science at Madison Middle School in West Seattle
for the past 11 years and I live in the S. Seattle neighborhood of Columbia City. Last
year I earned my admi...

By: John Hay Partners | November 16, 2019

John Hay,

I am writing this letter in a completely bitter sweet manner. I have been given an opportunity to become the principal of a school here in Seattle, starting this Monday.  This is an exciting opportunity for my career in education.  I have been committed to the students and families of the Seattle Public Schools since I entered public education in 2007.  Therefore, when the opportunity became available for me to lead a building in our district, I accepted.  It was not without a heavy heart that I made this decision.  I have loved every day at John Hay since joining this community in 2015.  Whenever I have been asked to describe John Hay by family, friends, and acquaintances, I have bragged about how lu...

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By: John Hay Partners | April 04, 2019

"Michael" in Hindi

Wow, what an event!  I just want to take a moment to reflect as a school on the event and to give special thanks to some members of our staff who worked hard to make this event a success. 


I believe the daytime additions this year enhanced the message and experience for every student, regardless of their attendance at night.  These additions included the assembly and performance, the whole school songs (Mr. Payne), the art walk (from Ms. Warburton activities all year long), and the book readings (Ms. Schooler in PCP).  The nighttime experience was similar to last year, although with more booths (32 instead of 22), more attendees (300 instead of 200), and more performances (3 instead of 1).  We also added the st...

By: John Hay Partners | March 09, 2018

Families of John Hay,

The tragic loss of lives in the latest school shooting has, once again, shown how much work still needs to be done to keep our schools safe. John Hay staff and families are committed to doing all we can to prevent additional tragedies in our schools.

The school board approved a resolution calling for lawmakers to increase student safety. There are events around the country that allow a show of support for safe schools and reasonable gun laws. One of these events is scheduled for March 14th. National organizers are calling for 17 minutes of action to commemorate the 17 lives lost in Parkland, Florida.

Our school has chosen to install a school-wide art project on our playground fence that will be a reminder of the importanc...

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