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Auction Gallery

Well, it was a night to remember and we have the photo evidence right here. Such a gorgeous event! Thanks, everyone!! And don't forget to scroll down to see our Classroom Art gallery, too. 

Thanks to Jennifer Alexander-Hill and Laura Malkasian Huggins for the photos. If you have some of your own, we'd LOVE to add them here, so please email them to the attention of  Jennifer A-H at

Classroom Art

Thank you to all the artists, students and adults, who created these wonderful creative pieces for our 2017 Winter Wonderland Auction. We've never had such an exciting variety of themes, mediums, and visions! And check back in the next few days for a few more that have not yet been photographed.

Special thanks to Jenna Warburton for coordinating. And a HUGE thank you to our parent and community artists: Shawn K. Johnson, Sandra Holt, Guillaume Rava, Kim Gonzales, Olga Kurat, Jennifer Alexander-Hill, Elyas Beria, Lillian Shao, Elizabeth Watson, Lisa Evans, Asha Haraki, Jenna Warburton, Courtney Popp, Jena Thornton, Latay Blankenship, Samantha Bayne, Misa Nakamura, Alison Spencer, Niki Pezzaglia, Reese Duck, Jenna Warburton, Libby Mansour, Melanie Biehle, and Adrienne Gibson.

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