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After logging the last few Annual Fund drive forms that came in this week,
you have now raised a total of $92,094 for our kids!
This is a RECORD amount for the Annual Fund and an amazing start
toward our annual fundraising goal!

Thank you again for everyone’s participation, especially Kurstin Thompson, Lynn Baker, and their fabulous Annual Fund team of volunteers who went above
and beyond to plan and manage our drive.

We will be coordinating with Mr. Berkenwald and our two classes with 100% envelopes returned - Ms. Atwood and Ms. Hansen - for their classes’ ducting taping event!
Look for fun pictures after the event!

Thank you, Jaguars!!


The John Hay Elementary Annual Fund Campaign

The Annual Fund Campaign is a critical fundraising effort for our school. It represents 30% of our total budget for the year and directly funds the programs that benefit our students every day – programs like Math Specialist, Reading Specialists, Student Success Coach, Counselor and reduced class sizes. These programs simply cannot exist without the support of our school community.

Annual Fund Campaign goals:

1.  100% response - meaning all John Hay students return their forms or make an online contribution. We ask that you give to the best of your ability. Gifts both large and small directly support the educational experience of your child and many other children. If you are unable to give at this time, you can send the form in without a contribution in the sealed envelope attached to the form. Your child will still get credit for participating.  All donations are kept strictly confidential.


2.  Raise $100,000 to continue funding programs that benefit our students, but are no longer funded by the district, like those programs identified above.


ALL classes with 100% of their forms/envelopes returned by the deadline will receive a bonus recess! Additionally, the classes with the most returned envelopes will have the AMAZING opportunity to duct tape our very own Assistant Principal Berkenwald to a wall during their bonus recess.

The overall Fundraising goal for the 2019-2020 school year is $300,000

which comes out to $600 per student


We hope to raise $100,000 during the Annual Fund, which will put us in a great position to hit the overall goal with our other Fundraising events, including the Auction!


Understanding Where Fundraising Dollars Go

-Every year the PTO provides money to cover the costs of maintaining positions in the school that wouldn’t be fully funded or exist at all with the school’s district budget.

Positions Funded by the PTO:


Reading & Early Literacy Specialists
(Certified Teachers specifically for reading) follow 1 of 2:

·  Small Pullout Groups for Intervention (helping students falling behind) and Extension (advanced learning for students)

·  Reduced Class Size for Literacy (ex: 1st grade splits the class in 2, so 10-12 students in each group, for one hour every day for their literacy work

Math Specialist
(Certified Teacher specifically for math) use one of the following models:

·  Unit by Unit leveling or needs based

·  Reduced Class Size with Mixed abilities

·  Leveled Math Groups (ex: 6th grade math)

·  “Double Dose” and/or Extension: small groups pulled out for intense support on either end of the academic spectrum


Student Success Coach
(Certified Instructional Assistant)

·  Focused on developing behavior that will lead to success in the classroom, this ranges from helping students who are disruptive or students who are too shy to participate

Lunch Monitor & Tutor
(grant funding makes it possible to pay for these with district funds)

·  Helps maintain positive regulated behavior in the lunchroom


Additional Funding for Every Classroom

·  $200 set aside for each teacher for discretionary spending within the classroom

·  The supply fee is what the school collects at the beginning of the year.  Every classroom receives $300 from the pooled supply fees.

·  Total of $500 discretionary spending must be curriculum related, ex: more books, supplies for classroom projects-guarantees that All Children will have supplies



·  The board provides stipends to the following programs to cover supply and equipment cost: Art, Library, Tech, SpEd, Office, PE, and Patrol & Safety


Community Events

·  The PTO sponsors community activities and events including: school dances, festival of the arts, science fair, all-school field day, parent education nights and student council

McVento Families
(State funded, but they don’t provide help to coordinate the services)

·  The board provides $1,000 so that a person can track down items for these children.
For example: clothes, shoes, transportation, glasses, tutors, etc.


Thank you in advance for your support of John Hay Elementary, and the recognition and trust you have placed in your child’s school.



The John Hay Partners - Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Check out our FAQ below to answer some of your questions.


What is the John Hay Foundation?
The John Hay Foundation is the non-profit organization that manages the funds raised by the John Hay Partners, your parent teacher organization. This group has committed to raising approximately $300,000 annually to cover the additional programs that make our school one of best elementary schools in Seattle.

What is the Annual Fund?
Contributions to the Annual Fund help to close the gap that exists between district funding and the actual cost of a John Hay quality education. The caliber of the John Hay experience greatly depends on the resources available to the school. The Annual Fund helps ensure there are adequate resources every year to enhance and sustain John Hay's distinctive margin of excellence.

We have two goals: raising $100,000 and 100% parent participation, at any donation level. Even if you can't give, please return your form as every classroom with 100% of forms returned, at any level, will receive an extra recess.

Don't you also have a fundraising auction?
Yes. But frankly, there's nothing easier and with less overhead than a direct appeal campaign. Auctions are wonderful fundraising and community building events, and John Hay has an amazing auction which will take place on March 14, 2020, where we will raise the remainder of our goal for the year. The Annual Fund is really the ultimate no-bake bake-sale. You write a check and the entirety of your donation goes straight towards the support of our programs. In addition, it's 100% tax deductible!

Where does this money go?

Contributions to the John Hay Foundation directly support things like: extra teachers for student support and extension, reading, math, and early reading specialists, classroom supplies, community events (Field Day, Science Fair, Monster Mash), continuing education for teachers, and so much more!

I am the parent of a 5th grader. Why should I donate?
Simply put – Pay it forward! When your child joined Hay as an incoming Kindergarten student, they benefited from funds raised the previous year. Now, as an active part of the Hay community, it's your turn to pay it forward and help ensure the strength of this award winning school that has benefited your child and your family.

How much should I give?
Our fundraising goal for all the events this year is $300,000, which comes to approximately $600 per child. Obviously some families are able to give more and some less, but ALL amounts are welcome and truly appreciated.

I'm ready to do I do it?
The easiest way is to fill out and return the form that came home in your child's red folder. It came with a return envelope, so you can fill out your info, enclose a check, and put it right back in your child's folder.

If you would rather use a credit card, you can simply click on the donation button at the top of this page.

If you need a new donation form, you can download it here. Or you can stop by the volunteer office to get one. If you have any trouble or questions, please contact Lynn Baker at

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes! Your donation is 100% tax-deductible. John Hay Partners is a 503(c) non-profit. Our tax ID number is 91-1699359

How do I get a company match?
Company Matches are a HUGE deal for the Annual Fund. Microsoft, the Gates Foundation, Starbucks, and Boeing are just a few of the many generous employers that offer matching funds. Here is a link to our current list of matching companies. This list is not complete, so be sure to ask your company if they match.

If your employer offers a company match, please help us make your donation go farther by taking the time to apply for your company match. If you have coworkers who are also parents at John Hay, please encourage them to make the effort to secure the match.

If you have questions or need help, email Lynn Baker at  and she can help you complete your match. Be sure to specify that you are requesting a match for the John Hay Annual Fund. 

What if I can't afford to give right now?
We completely understand that this is a reality for many Hay families. Any amount you can give, no matter how small, is welcome. If you simply cannot give this year, that is truly okay. Please remember to simply return the form in your child's folder so we can still have 100% participation. And consider signing up to volunteer, if you don't already. We need all the help we can get! 

What's this about an extra recess?
As we've said, we are aiming for 100% participation. Each classroom that has 100% of their forms returned (or online gifts made) will receive an EXTRA RECESS. This is not tied to the amount given, or require that anything be given at all, just that we've heard from all families. Additionally, those classes will have the opportunity to duct tape Assistant Principal Berkenwald during their extra recess. The last time the kids had a blast. Check out this photos!

John Hay Partners